samedi 29 août 2009

Still Steamin' -English Version!

Oolong at your service!

Let's update a little since Team Darjeeling is working hard to offer you beautiful devices on the booth. ^^

So, today, for teatime we have:


Bookmarks A-B-C-D-E-F-H are 3$ US each. (A ordered)

All the others are 4$ US each.


Pendants Pd et Pe are 4$ US each.

All the others are 7$ US each.

(Edit: Pb, Pd, Ph & Pg are reserved)

And earings:

The earings presented here are 11$ US each pair.

(EDIT: Oa & Ob are reserved!)

Obviously, each of these items are one of a kind! So get them while they're still available!

You can also buy them at the booth we'll have at Harajuku of Chibi Japan Expo conventions!

For those among you who would have fallen at first sight for one of these crafts, please note that you can actually make a reservation and get your item at Festival Harajuku, if you are attending this con.

If you are interested, it's easy. You simply need to write us an email to this adress:

darjeeling-clockwork[@] (without ''[]'' obviously.)

And tell us you full name and the item(s) you would like to make a reservation on.

Now, concerning Mail Order Sailing, we proudly anounce you that it is also available!

If you are only interested in buying our craft though, please note that M.O.S will only be possible for 5$ and above orders.

Shipping fees will cost 1 euro for france.

Concerning US and Canada, it may vary, so please just email us for more specifications.

Also for North American friends: please note that you have only until the end of September to order your items! ^^

And that's all folks!

See you later for more news! Stay tuned! :3

Sincerly yours, Oolong.

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